Monday, August 31, 2009

Trip to New Orleans Confirmed!!! (Sept 13-18, 2009)

Regarding my "Sparky the Wonderfish Hope & Literacy Tour: New Orleans", so much is happening very fast... I am traveling to Arroyo Grande to visit my friend Joanie September 4 thrugh 6, both for her birthday (I will also pick up my Sparky the Wonderfish Costume, made by her sister for my Sparky events) and plan for my New Orleans trip this month (Sept. 13 to 18 to meet and location scout). We are using this "story of how love creates magic" to help rebuild Hope & Literacy along the New Orleans disaster areas. The project is aimed toward the educational wants and needs of the children effected by these disasters. I will reach 20 schools, 5 libraries and 2 hospitals. I am planning a Concert Fundraiser to conclude my tour in New Orleans next year, which will raise money to build at least one new green school and library. I plan on a meeting with the "Make it Right" foundation... Upon completion of this project/documentary, I will leave behind an agenda of mentoring students to read & write at that school and library!

Note: It has been my singular vision... what I want from my book of 'love creating magic' is to encourage and give back... I am thrilled to see it earnestly taking hold!

Gillian and Sparky the Wonderfish

See you soon!