Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sparky HELPS: Charity & Literacy - Schools, Hospitals, Libraries... Next Stop New Orleans, LA*

Sparky the Wonderfish: A story of how love creates magic is a story of triumph over adversity, the underdog thriving against all odds...and about love! I have been donating books to schools, libraries, hospitals etc. as well as doing readings and signings for literacy and outreach programs throughout the Unites States and overseas.
This is a partial list so far of the places I have donated books.

Ocean Ave. Charter School, Santa Monica, CA
Hilltop Preschool, Los Feliz, CA
Playgroup Preschool, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Family School, Los Angeles, CA
Tesoro de Valle School, Santa Clarita, CA
Wesley School, North Hollywood, CA
Coral Reef Elementary School, Miami Florida
John Muir Elementary School, Santa Monica, CA
The Growing Place School, Santa Monica, CA
Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School, San Diego, CA
Hillsides School: foster care, Pasadena, CA
The Laureate School, San Luis Obispo, CA
Crossroads School, Santa Monica, CA
San Rafael Elementary School, Pasadena, CA
Washington Accelerated Elementary School, Pasadena
Santa Monica Library, Santa Monica, CA
Venice Library, Venice, CA
Palms Rancho Park Library, Los Angeles, CA
Fontana Library, Fontana, CA
Pasadena Library, Pasadena, CA
Los Angeles County Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA
The Wonder of Reading, Los Angeles, CA
Center For A New Generation, Menlo Park, CA
Boys & Girls Club of The Peninsula
R.E.A.C.H. a Child! Central California
Pals Around The World TM
Andean Dream, LLC. Bolivia
Global Green, Santa Monica, CA
Boys & Girls Club, Venice, CA
MobiStories, Virtual Books for Kids
Mr. President & Mrs. Barack Obama, Washington DC
The Honorable Al Gore, Nashville, TN
Horace Grant, Los Angeles Lakers NBA
Los Angeles Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Children in Cozumel, Mexico
*New Orleans, Louisiana

I am planing a "Sparky the Wonderfish: Opportunity through Literacy Tour" (and documentary). We will use this "story of how love creates magic" to help rebuild the opportunities of literacy along the New Orleans disaster areas. Our project is aimed toward the educational wants and needs of the children effected by these disasters. I will read, conduct Q&A's... the kids will receive Sparky stickers, they will do coloring pages, interactive games, meet Sparky (costume) and I will donate the books & supplies that the children need. We intend for Sparky to reach at least 20 schools, 5 libraries and 2 hospitals. We also plan a Music Festival Fundraiser which will conclude this tour in New Orleans Parish next year.

SPARKY PROJECT will raise money to build at least one new green school and library room devoted to this literacy program. Upon completion of this project, Sparky will leave behin an agenda for mentoring students to read & write, play and interact for years to come!

Help me HELP those in need!

*We are working hard on our 501C3 but, If you have an idea to raise awareness for this Sparky Literacy Tour or the ear of a great sponsor please contact me!

Gillian & Sparky

Monday, July 20, 2009

New iPhone Video Post!

P.S. This video was shot by Ten time Emmy Award Winning cameraman Jim Velarde on his new iPhone.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Photos from B&N Orange Event Saturday July 11, 2009!

We had a fun event this weekend!  I got great photos and some video which I will post soon...
If you want to see photos, here they are!  Also, B&N Orange asked me back for some kids book fairs in the Fall.
I will have those dates by the end of the month and post them on my Signings & Events page.

Here are the cute photos!

Talk soon,
Gillian & Sparky

Monday, July 6, 2009

iPhone Video on Plane from Cozumel Mexico!


We (my friend Jim and I) met an adorable girl, Olga (who is from Russia) on the plane home from Cozumel, Mexico.  During that trip, I realized that I have not been out of the country for over 10 years.  That is way too long!!!
Olga let us take a video of her saying hi, using the new iPhone.
Check it out!


P.S. Olga loved the photo of the 'real' Sparky with my parrot Henry, so I posted it here above the video of her...

Sparky does good deeds in COZUMEL!!!

Hi There!
Sparky and I went down to Mexico last week, which was TERRIFIC!
I ran into the sweetest little girl, Ashanti and her mother, Donna and baby sister, Zindy!
I bought a cute black and red ankle bracelet from Donna. Ashanti went crazy for my Sparky the Wonderfish book, so I gave her an autographed copy!!!

Here are some photos...

Talk soon!

Gillian & Sparky