Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My 3rd Barnes & Noble Event at The Grove!!!

We previewed my new Sparky Costume to raves from the kids!
Check out the video and photos of the event...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Barnes & Noble The Grove LA (September 26th) Reading for over 200 Kids!

I spoke with Jon, manager at Barnes & Noble The Grove, he said they placed posters in the store for the event and that they posted the event online... Very exciting to now have my 3rd engagement at the flagship store in Southern California!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GLAWS moderating YA books Sept. 19, 2009!

GLAWS Moderating was fantastic! At the last minute an author had to drop out. We were scheduled to have two panels but because of this and the fact that two agents came to the event, we decided to have one big panel with all the young adult authors and the agents, Ashley Grayson Agency... And because we combined panels Judy (the other moderator) and I decided to combine our questions (which were very different).
We had very few questions during the Q & A which I took to mean that we answered those questions during the panel discussion.
...Since then the authors and GLAWS have written to say they thought it went very well and had a very good time. It was my first time moderating and I really enjoyed it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gillian & her pals celebrate the retirement of a great teacher!

Hi- I had to share, because I really love this photo of me, my friend Jimmy and his granddaughter Cathy, who is for sure one of Sparky's BIGGEST FANS! It was taken at a huge retirement party for Jimmy's sister Diane. She received a plaque for over 33 years of service to LA Unified School District, and they named this years scholarship fund in her honor!

My New Friend, Faith!

Hi again-
This is the little girl, Faith who I met at sushi up in Arroyo Grande last weekend over Labor Day. She and her sister were so sweet! I gave them both Sparky stickers and, signed postcards for them. Faith asked if I was on Twitter, I said yes. I hope she logs on and sees herself!

Talk soon!

Look NEW Sparky COSTUME!!! (Shot on iPhone)

I was up north in Arroyo Grande for my friend Joanie's birthday.
We had a blast! One of the things we did was visit her sister who has made me a custom Sparky the Wonderfish costume. I had someone put it on at a party that night and the kids went CRAZY for it! The little boy, Thomas begged me to wear it and thought it was a real fish!!!

Take a look,
Love, Gillian & Sparky

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sparky bonding with MobiStories???

I received an email today from MobiStories saying, "Firstly congratulations on what looks to be a fabulous book with gorgeous illustrations and impeccable reviews."... "What we're doing is making it possible for kids to read more often and more easily by giving them books in a format they use everyday, can take wherever they're going, and view on pretty much anything with a screen, from an iPod to a 60" HDTV."
... That if I like what they are doing and might be interested in them creating either a traditional MobiStory version or an iPhone version with more interactivity (or both) of my book, they would like to discuss it! Like my work with Sparky, MobiStories has interest in a low carbon footprint as well...

We'll keep you posted!

G & S