Wednesday, August 3, 2011

B&N Long Beach Pacifica Mall, July 23, 24, Sparky SOLD OUT!!!

Hi Friends,

The Long Beach 2 day event was great, but tiring. 10 hour days both days... I was one of the chairman for the event so I was running around checking on the authors, making sure they were happy and had everything they needed... And I was very happy that my Sparky the Wonderfish books SOLD OUT at the event!!!

Each of the 20 featured authors had from 10 to 30 minutes to speak with fans and or read, discuss their book in a separate room at a podium. Because mine is a children's book, I read in the children's Storytime section and colored with the kids as well.

The store in Long Beach is very well laid out, 2 stories high and nice and big. The staff was very helpful. Kristen our B&N Customer Relations Manager (crm) for the event was great.

Watch this video from the event!

A few Happy Snaps from the event:

Bye for now, with love,

Gillian & Sparky