Saturday, January 31, 2009

2 Readings at The Center For A New Generation (Feb. 17th)!

Hi there-

I was watching "The View" Thursday morning.  On it was Condoleezza Rice who discussed a children's foundation she started to increase literacy for children grades one to eight.  It is based in Menlo Park, California.  I jumped up and Googled it.  I left a message saying I was doing readings and signings all over the country for just that reason.  I got an excited call from them not more that ten minutes later!  Now, I have a Reading & Signing, Q & A and Coloring Session for two different age groups set up for Tuesday February 17th at 3:30PM and 4:30PM!!!  They also asked me to be a part of an auction event scheduled for May of this year.  I said I would love to!

Sparky and I couldn't be happier!!!


Sparky Travels to The White House!!!


The night before the inauguration of President Barack Obama, I watched a retrospective of his life on television.  On it he said he wanted to invite kids to The White House for children's book readings to help encourage literacy in the US.  I was stunned and amazed that he was planning something so perfectly in tune with what I am doing with various programs, charities, schools, libraries, etc.  I wrote him a letter and sent a signed copy of Sparky the Wonderfish: A Story of How Love Creates Magic book.  I included a coloring page, stickers, postcard, business card, bookmark and information sheet along with it.  

How in keeping with what I am about, and how exciting to make a bigger impact would it be if I am invited to join in his efforts at The White House?!  EXCITING!

I will keep you posted...

Gillian & Sparky the Wonderfish

P.S.  By the way, if you scroll down to November 14th on this blog, you will see a photo (from Barnes & Noble Booksellers in LA) of 'Sparky the Wonderfish' on display right next to Michelle Obama's book!  Is it a sign?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Interesting observation!


It's Friday, January 16th at about 4:00PM...  I was just washing my lunch dishes (pasta alfredo with chicken, and a gorgonzola and tomato salad - yumm!) it occurred to me I always thought my Sparky book would appeal most to kids 3 - 8 years old.  The more Readings, Signings, Q & A's that I do however, the more I realize kids as young as 1 & 2 years old are keeping focused and entertained and kids as old as 5th & 6th grade, are going crazy for it.  

During the Q & A's, the kids ask me all kinds of questions about how to write a book, about the inspiration and the illustrations... about Sparky's life, other sea creatures and animals.  They ask if I'm writing a sequel, do I have other books, when are the "Big Word Books" coming out...  Teachers tell me with a lot of these kids it is difficult to get them to read at all.  Teachers have said, after hearing Sparky read to them and getting their questions answered,  the same kids are not only excited to read, but are interested in writing as well!  It is remarkable.  There were 90 plus kids for a couple of events and afterwards they swarmed me like a rock star.  They wanted autographs, photos taken, they argued about who would help me to the car with my stuff.  WOW, cool.  Love creating magic...

Anyway, just felt like jotting down a few quick thoughts.  Now I am going back to my Cafe Press account, where I am redesigning and adding many more products to my Sparky the Wonderfish Shop.  That is where, on my site it says "Purchase Gifts & Clothing".

By for now!
Have a great weekend!

Gillian & Sparky 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reading / Signing / Q & A San Rafael Elementary School! (Wed. Jan. 14th 2009)

Hi There-

We had a great time Reading and Signing for the "Book Club" at the San Rafael Elementary School in Pasadena today!  One was for about 90+ students in the school auditorium...  from 12PM to 12:45PM for 4th and 6th Graders; the second Reading & Signing was from 1PM to 2PM for 1st and 2nd graders.  Both the kids and I had a wonderful time.  They asked great, interesting questions.  I signed lots of Give Away postcards and everyone had a good time!  The wonderful Library Coordinator, Adriana Rosales worked very hard putting together a very organized and good looking event!

Adriana and I also discussed doing more readings at another school she works at with a student body of 800 students.  Hopefully in February or March, 2009.

Here are some photos from the day!

See you soon,
Gillian & Sparky