Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sparky bonding with MobiStories???

I received an email today from MobiStories saying, "Firstly congratulations on what looks to be a fabulous book with gorgeous illustrations and impeccable reviews."... "What we're doing is making it possible for kids to read more often and more easily by giving them books in a format they use everyday, can take wherever they're going, and view on pretty much anything with a screen, from an iPod to a 60" HDTV."
... That if I like what they are doing and might be interested in them creating either a traditional MobiStory version or an iPhone version with more interactivity (or both) of my book, they would like to discuss it! Like my work with Sparky, MobiStories has interest in a low carbon footprint as well... http://www.mobistories.com/

We'll keep you posted!

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