Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LA Times Festival of Books 2010: Me & Cathy, flip videos of GLAWS Booth #624 & Gillian!

Well, we had the greatest time at the 15th Annual Los Angeles Times Festival of books last weekend! I was chairman of this event for the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society at Booth #624... I sold lots of Sparky the Wonderfish books both at the event and since on
I was giving away stickers like nobody's business, I think I gave away over 500 stickers!
Parents told me their kids had seen them throught the campus and were trying to find out who was giving them out...
Here is a flip video and picture of me and seven year old Cathy Velarde... More images to come...

See you soon!
Gillian & Sparky

Showing GLAWS booth and authors...
Gillian at LATFOB says hello!