Thursday, July 15, 2010

VOTE Gillian Lee Hutshing: Hardest Working for Charity and Literacy CONTEST!

I entered a contest to win $100,000 dollars from Revlon and Mitchum Deodorant for the "Hardest Working Person" in America. Promoting Charity and Literacy throughout the US and Beyond...

As you know, my passionate cause has always been Charity and Literacy, with a special passion
to give aid along the Gulf Coast...

If I win, I will be rewarded with $100,000 and will be the subject of a short film by the legendary Albert Maysles and co-filmmaker Bradley Kaplan.

Please try both links and VOTE!
VOTE Mitchum: Hardest Working Person site
VOTE on YouTube!

Please VOTE every day...
The first round of voting ends July 18.
Finalists will be voted on from
July 19 through August 15th.